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I would like to thank the Forest Stewardship Council's Coordinator for nominating my company for this award. I would also like to thank The Florida Society of American Foresters for their recognition of my efforts towards the reclaiming and utilization of trees.

It takes the combined effort of individuals to make a difference

This may be considered by many to be an inappropriate way of bringing attention to the disservice being perpetuated by our government associations and so called non-profit chapters, of organizations, that are touting their self-proclaiming banner of ECO Friendly.

Those of us involved in the mobile and portable sawmill industry, have been overlooked.  There has been no attempt to include us as a commodity towards the conservation of our natural resources.

There is no accreditation or certification within the Forest Stewardship Council that would promote any ground leveling actions to the benefit of our small businesses.

The benefits of including us as a resource towards conservation by the Department of Agriculture, Federal Emergency Management Administration, Department of Energy, EPA, Department of Housing and Urban Development (to name a few) could be implemented NOW!  

All of these institutions take federal grant money and use it almost exclusively, to fund professional mouth pieces, to do studies and advise. In reality, there is enough information available to implement programs that will effectively make a difference in our communities now.

I don’t have anything good to say about the nepotistic Chamber of Commerce or the SBA.

Conserving our forests is great, but falls short of addressing the issue of reclaiming the urban, suburban, and rural trees that are being squandered.

After many attempts to obtain information, I have found, the United States Green Builders Council to be of no help.

Local materials should be the most desirable to any LEED project for the most obvious reasons. So why aren’t our businesses being sought out?

To those businesses that utilize wood to make a living, touting their eco-friendly banner, and aren’t utilizing local sawyers. I’ve got a carbon foot print logo. IT IS A WORK BOOT PRINT IN YOUR company logo’s BUTT.

That’s right, plenty of room to do a better job saving tax payers money, growing local economies, preserving and reclaiming natural resources.

Local leaders need to wake up and utilize local resources. If you can be of assistance towards opening doors of cooperation, you are welcome to call me for further discussion at (904) 993-1440 or email me back.

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Mission Statement

North Florida Portable Sawmill's mission is to assist others in their efforts toward the conservation of our natural resources by reclaiming and utilizing urban, suburban, and rural trees


For more than 12 years, I have been delivering on my  promise to provide unique services and designs that are both visually dynamic and environmentally friendly.  I get the greatest satisfaction from working with clients that get involved with the entire process.

Conservation of our natural resources is at the forefront of my business.

 I apply sound principles of design using eco-friendly tools to deliver unique projects that inspires one's  imagination.  I  look forward to working with you on your next project regardless of the size or scope.